Friday, 7 July 2017

Straits Settlements 1/4C 1862 NGC MS64BN

A piece of Straits 1862 1/4 cent which secured by NGC holder and also highest grade of BN category in NGC census has been sold via eBay for USD 2,049. According to NGC census, 2 pieces of MS64BN have been recorded and another two pieces in MS64RB and MS65RB were found. In total, 11 pieces in MS were archived insofar (the real number may be lesser if cross sending or re-sending for grading without data adjustment).

Friday, 23 June 2017

Sarawak 20 cents specimen in NGC SP64


A piece of Sarawak 20 cents specimen coin dated 1900H (minted by Heaton Mint) has been sold by Heritage Auction for USD 5736 (approx. RM26,000) in 2017 June 22 - 23 HKINF World Coins & Ancient Coins Signature Auction - Hong Kong Auction. The said coin is graded by NGC in SP 64.
The following is about the auctioneer description for the said coin:
"British Protectorate. Charles J. Brooke Specimen 20 Cents 1900-H SP64 NGC, Heaton mint, KM10. A gorgeous example of this rare issue in Specimen, featuring deep multicolored tone on the obverse that lightens to a beautiful mixture of orange-gold, blue, green, yellow and crimson on the reverse. Presumably ex. Heaton Mint Archives where there were 8 examples. In terms of eye-appeal, this is certainly the finest we've seen.
1900-H年砂撈越20分樣幣。SP64 NGC, 喜敦造幣廠。樣幣系列中罕見的發行。正面呈極美的多彩包漿,背面結合了橘色、藍色、綠色、黃色和深紅色彩。大概是出自喜敦造幣廠中八枚之一。賞心悅目,非常吸引,是我們經手過最佳的一枚。"
According to population report of established grading company, there are about 6 specimen piece existed today (the volume may lesser if crossed grading occur without data adjustment).
updated as 23th Jun 2017